How Graphic Designing Helps You to Generate Leads?

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When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.” Many businesses in the recent time are struggling in converting their potential customers in genuine leads. That may have different reasons but one f the major reason is lack of giving importance to different forms of designs. Visuals that an internet user sees at your website create an immense influence on him about does make a deal or not. He will bounce back to your competitor if he finds an improper presentation of visual on the website. An opportunity of attracting online crowd via webpage will work against of your plans if you have ignored the requirement of some attractive visuals.”


 Here are some ways by which graphics designing can help you in generating more leads:-


1. It is Essential for Content Formation: Content is right now the king of the online-business & graphic makes this content more understandable & interesting for the audience. The different visuals like info-graphics, thumbnail or images that you use in web pages help you in standing different to your competitors & at the same time, they are the way of delivering great web-experience to your site visitor.


“74% of marketers use visuals in their social media content”


2. Helps to Win at Social Media: When a person visits any social media sites Facebook or Twitter, they give just a glance to any post. So if you think that by the heavy content you can catch their attention then it’s a wrong perception. Most of the successful brands on social media use creative images to get higher user engagement on their posts & here graphics designing makes I simpler for you create images by which you can rule the social media.


3. Graphic Helps in Creating Brand Image: The first thing that comes in your mind after hearing the name of McDonald’s would be an “M” with the yellow color font, a logo of this reputed brand. Same like that every business needs some sort of uniqueness in its activities & working to have a different image than its competitors. Different types of designs like logos, brochures & banners that solidify your name & product descriptions in a more attractive manner give you an opportunity of having an incomparable identity in front of your customers. This leads to a brand image creation of your business name within the market.



4. Visuals are Boon for B2C: When you enter any fast food restaurant, you will definitely notice the professional & classy use of images & visuals for attracting more customers & give you a desirable experience. Similarly, any B2C business is highly dependent on the visuals for giving a professional & artistic touch to their business.


“People follow visual instructions 323% better than written instructions”


5. Visuals have Higher Convincing Power: Suppose you have visited retail cloth store & you looked at an image of a particular shirt which is presented in such a way that its prints are well-highlighted, then it is more likely that you will go for that shirt. Same like that, Visuals are today in higher demand as marketers need something which is more manipulative in nature so that they can effectively influence their mindset. So different graphics that are used by marketers as a convincing tool.


So, at last, it would be an idiotic comment to say that graphics & visuals don’t have an important role to play in the creating & sustaining a brand image of a particular business.


Here at Rapid Technologies, we are committed to providing our clients with premium & distinct designs for their visuals in websites or offline stores. Our professional graphic designers are well-trained in using different color combinations to produce some really mesmerizing designs of logos, posters, banners & flyers that can easily define your product or services.

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