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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to know about RapideTechnologies?

What does our agency do?

aThis is a quite interesting thing about us. We are helping people to resolve their queries regarding Graphics Designing, Photography, Online Advertising, Offline Advertising, Business Reporting, and Software Testing.

And all these at most affordable rates. Rates at the unmatched price.

How much do your services cost?

aDon’t worry about cost! We are the most affordable service provider all over Charlotte.

Hey, we have Request A Quote Page for you. Why don’t you share your requirement with us?

How long does it take to make a design?

aDelivery of graphics work may take 12 hours only once you share your requirements completely.

We are not going to make wait for your needs. Share complete requirement and get your design ready within 12 hours only.

What does the design process look like?

aWe have divided our designing process into three steps

1. Share Complete Requirement (Reference If You Have)

2. Get your design sample within 6 hours

3. Final design within 12 hours.

Where are your offices?

aHere is our official address
338 S.Sharon Amity Road Charlotte, NC 28211

Still having the problem to find us? We have shared our all contact details in our Contact Us page

Where can I see your work?

aNowadays, We have updated our portfolio on our service page. Especially for Graphics Designs  and Photography page

Do you ship to my country?

aWe are providing our services all over the world.

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