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Standout from the crowd with our world class custom graphics design that is unique and impactful.

Logo typically should reflect organizational goal, mission, strategy and value proposition. While conceiving a logo idea the following metrics should be explored and encapsulate a logo idea.


Unique – The purpose of a logo is to create a visual representation of your business
Simple – Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them.
Impactful – A great logo should be impactful. You want to capture your viewer’s attention.
Versatile – A great logo should look equally good on any web device and on any kind of print material.


Businesses use a logo to market their products and services and the main purpose of well design logo is the ability to increase the marketing share of a business, boost business prospects and emotionally appealing.

Our graphic design experts will collaborate with you in designing a logo that is unique, simple, impactful and viewers will have no stress on their mind in remembering not only the logo but the businesses as well.

At some point in business and academic engagement face to face meeting is very important to close deals.
A good design business card should have attributes that clearly define the brand and its value proposition.


Positioning Statement – Compelling positioning statement that establishes an emotional connection.

Includes Functional Content – Clear / Concise / Relevant details and easy contact methods.

Simple Layout – Well spaced card area that readers easily access needed information.

Make it Memorable – Be creative with your design and features that leave the lasting impression.


A position statement like NIKE – Just Do It / Ford – Build Tough / Walmart – We sell for less typical speaks to the strength, values, culture and value proposition on product & services offered.
Our graphics professionals use the latest graphics software’s and will work alongside the client to make sure all client requirements are captured and all functional content is displayed as expected.

Our expert consultants are very knowledgeable in enterprise-wide solution ranging from e-commerce fulfillment systems, international logistics system integration, and international trade compliance systems.

We can help in the areas of Business Process, Technology, User Experience design, and Project Management. The following topics will be covered extensively with our client — User Experience, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Functionality, User Interface, Content Strategy, and Interaction Design, and UX Software Design.

Flyers are the effective way to promote events, product or services offerings. An effective flyer should capture the precise message that needs to communicate. Here are a few considerations when designing a flyer.


Keep It Brief — Take your message and edit it down to the crucial elements you need to convey.

Use A Catchy HeadlineReading the headline, a consumer should have a good idea of what you do.

Include a Call to ActionTell the reader to order now, call now or log on to the website.

Personal & Clean Content — Using the words ‘you’ or ‘your’ indicates you are speaking directly to the reader.


Our experts can help guide our client on types of valuable information to be added on flyers, setting flyers size & layout, and design a flyer of high-quality of great importance that calls readers to action.

Graphic design is a big decision for businesses. Your branding and collateral material should be creative and suited for you clientele. Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content and it is very important to note that investment in graphic design should be carefully vetted and here at RapideTechnologies we are here to support your project with our vast experience in graphic design.


Consultation Support — Your ideas and our team of graphic designers we connect the dot together.

Design Support — Your message, Your asset, Your brand are all incorporated in our design support.

Production Support — We provide post-production to address any issue and work to make things right.


The most important thing besides your business name is how your customers will recognize your brand in the vast sea of choices. Don’t let your competitors drown out what you have to offer by not having a visual impact to tell your story by giving us a call and speak to one of our graphics consulting expert.

Graphic design

In the era of digitalization, presentation has become the basic requirement to draw visitors and convert them to clients. Hence graphics play a very crucial role in providing your purpose the much needed vibe.


In this ultra modern Digitalization world by using of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new avenues for revenue to touch the pinnacle of success.

Business Reporting

Nowadays business have a great emphasis on the need of ‘Business Reporting’ ,a procedure that presents a public reporting of operating as well as financial data of a business enterprise.

Software Testing

Software Testing plays a crucial role in the development of any new software and here we are to train for the same so that you can stand out in this field.

Photo Studio & Photo Booth

Showcase your talent in our indoor photo studio or capture the moment with our outdoor photo booth

Our photo studio is equipped with talented professionals who understand current technologies, especially in the social media. We provide customs solution for fashion editorial photos, product photography, personal / family photoshop, rent-a-studio, and picture retouching.

We offer a photo booth service with the focus on adding excitement to Charlotte uptown and university area. Our service design is driven by our quest for the customer to have a memorable experience. Our targeted audience is tourist visiting charlotte museum / historical site, wedding parties, birthdays parties, corporate parties, personal & family portrait, gender reveal and special events.

Our video booths allow for the spontaneous creation of natural, emotional, and compelling HD video content – including testimonials, confessionals, auditions, customer or employee feedback, and opinion or narrative videos. Videos are available, in real time, and are suitable for on-line, off-line, and broadcast applications.

A dazzling photo booth that lets users create GIFs and send them to friends and connections on mobile and social media. Users approach the booth and a timer begins. After the timer ends, the booth captures a photo. This process happens 3x to create a GIF of the four different poses. The user can have the GIF go to their phone, computer or another device by text or e-mail. They also have the option to send the GIF to a variety of social media platforms, using your supplied hashtag

Our state of the art studio is well furnished and fully equipped with all photography equipment you need to make your photo shoot experience the best. We provide various light modifiers, light heads, lower powered heads for fine tuning lightening, radio triggers, makeup steads and refreshment area. We also offer cameras and lenses rental services to photographers and videographers. Our photography studio rental rate are:- 2 Hours $100 / 4 Hours $ 150 / 8 Hours $300 / 12 Hours $400 and first two hours is FREE FOR LOCAL photography & videography professional.

Photography Portfolio
Outdoor & Digital Advertising

Get a Complete Advertising Solution for your Business.

Cover All Aspects of Advertising with Our Outdoor and Online Business Promotion Service


In this ultra modern Digitalization world by using of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new avenues for revenue to touch the pinnacle of success, we provide value-producing advertising services.

We focus on following aspects:

Outdoor marketing

Search engine marketing

Website Design & Development

Start-Ups Service

Mobile Application

Search engine optimization

Social media marketing

Digital Marketing

Social media optimization

Content writing


We leverage all our internal resources to produce advertising content & materials that get results.


Seat with our advertising expert to understand your requirement and your target market.


Deployment is where we showcase our outdoor advertising innovative culture and we look forward seeing you outdoor.


We typical conduct a live demo and present advertising campaign dry test run to our client via WebEx, skype or go-to meeting.

Business Reporting

Nowadays business have a great emphasis on the need of ‘Business Reporting’ ,a procedure that presents a public reporting of operating as well as financial data of a business enterprise.
If you desire to excel in the field of business reporting then we are here to help you with this. Our institute facilitates a four month program to uplift individual’s average excellence to expertisement.
The program majorly focussed on Microsoft Excel and Access database which is highly demanding in the business world.
The analysis and interpretationprocess that is provided here to every interested person will create a world where there will be no gap between business and technology world.


Software Testing

Software Testing plays a crucial role in the development of any new software and here we are to train for the same so that you can stand out in this field.
The Rapid Technologies software testing program is a one-year program that offers classes on weekends which will help you learn even between your busy schedules.


What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s Begin To Put Your Ideas Into Graphics

There is no need to wait in putting your ideas into action. Our graphics expert are passionate in what they do. If you have an idea and you want to bring it to reality, then give us a call or schedule an appointment with us so we can begin to collaborate and bring your ideas to fruition.


Are You Lost In Monitoring Your Company Key Performance Indicator?

Or You Just Need To Know How Each Business Processes within Your Organization Impact Once Another?

If yes then lets build your company report dashboard you can monitor 24hours/365 days and let managers quickly react to dynamic changes within organization processes. Building a good report requires a good data. We would conduct end to end data lineage of all your internal and external feed to determine data quality which would be use in building a credible dashboard and successfully track all key business element.


You Have Done Advertising Your Way In the Past And You Got The Same Result.

Now Try Our Own “ In Your Face” Maximum Impact Outdoor Advertising And Get Different Result.

Our unique advertising has three mission – At the right place / At the right Time / To the right Audience. Advertising is all about creativity and we have in house very talented individuals and teams who are passionate and love what they do and they are readily available to assist you with your project. Call us today or request a personalized demo.


What Is Your Story?

Let’s Capture Your Story In Our Photo-Booth or In Our Photo-Studio with our expert photographers

Photography is our life and we are a real image production house. See you at our booth or studio.


We all can agree software bug is not good for anyone – Companies or Customers.

A Bug Free Application is not by luck or chance, it is result of well trained and dedicated software testers

We have onsite and dedicated software testers who are very experienced in finding defect in user interface and understand database concept. Yes they can help and they looking forward in assist you in making your application a bug free and that your application perform its functionality as expected.

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